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Anglais: test de niveau-les confusions fréquentes




 Again – Back  
Tell me this sentence  please

Give me  my book please, it's mine!

Call me  when you read this message.
 As – Like  
She started crying  you were leaving home.
Wow!You look  the boss with your newshirt!

 I told you I'm at work right now!
 Between – Among
I didn't see him  this crowd.

How are you? Always travelling  Paris and London?

I have to choose  him and you.
 Borrow – Lend  
Can I  another costume please?

No! I can't   my new mobile to you!

How much can I  from you?
 Bring – Take
Could you  me some cookies too?
 this one for my son.

 me back the stick !
 Do – Make
I don't know what to  now !  

You  me laugh with your new shoes !

I must  my homework before lunch.

 Either – Neither  
 you nor anybody else can make me change my mind.

I like  of them, they are awful.

You don't have any choice,  you work or you play.

 Ever – Never   
Have you  heard such a stupidity?

It's the most beautiful picture I have  drawn !

It's so kind of you, I will  forget !

 High – Tall – Great
Dolphins often jump  over the sea.

My brother is three feet .

My grandfathers lived to a  age.
 Let - Leave
 me show how speedy you are !

We can't  him alone !

Don't  your shoes get wet !

 Lie – Lay

Mary usually  her school stuff on her desk.

I'm tired and I would like to down for a while.

I'm fed up with your  to me!
 Look – Watch
 your step !

Please,  at me instead of your friends !

He spends his time  the boats coming in and out.

 Much – Many
Sorry, I haven't got too time to speak to you.

How  does this jacket cost?

There are too  spelling mistakes in that school paper.
 Quite – Enough – Rather
This dance seems  easy ! It's not rocket science !

I'd  live in a sunny country !
I'm not strong  to lift that bag.
 Remember – Remind
Please  to lock the window before going out !
These children  me of my cousins.

I don't  my phone number, ooops !
 Still – Always  
I know, he is smart,  he bores me.

Please, hurry up,it's 10.30 and I'm  waiting for you ! .

Schools are  closed on Sundays.

 Still – Yet – already
John hasn't come , has he?

Is the boss  in his office? I hope I won't be too late!

No he has  left his office, but you may catch him downstairs,hurry up !
 Wait – Expect
I didn't  such a gift!

 a minute please !
How long have you been  for me?




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